Six Weeks to Success 
with LuAnn Nigara & Nancy Ganzekaufer
Bobby Sampsons,
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"In just five days I was able to make my own Software for my clients.. I was never able to offer these kinds of services before!"
Tap into the minds of two of the leading experts in Interior Design, LuAnn Nigara, award winning sales professional and window treatment specialist, author, and host of A Well-Designed Business® Podcast, and Nancy Ganzekaufer, Business Coach, Owner of Your Business Partner Coaching, and President of the Interior Design Society Virtual Chapter.

Six Weeks to Success LIVE is all about showing you the tactics and strategies you need right now to change your business forever.  The program covers everything from business plans to marketing, operations to outsourcing, and everything in between. 

If you want to learn how to transform your business into something that not only makes you money but that brings you happiness, check out the full course description below.
"Six Weeks to Success" Live Training
Here's a sneak peak at what LuAnn and Nancy will be teaching...
  • Operations - Are you throwing money away?
  • Profits - Are you leaving money on the table?
  • Marketing - Create opportunities
  • Evaluate your zone of genius - is outsourcing an option?
  • Close sales like a boss - the DESIRE Sales Formula™
  • Design your business plan - 3 yrs, 1 yr, 90 days
What if you could have GPS for your business?
GPS is one of the best inventions ever. It is a lifesaver when trying to get to a new destination, even when the new destination is just a different neighborhood in your city. It gets you where you need to go on time and it gives you the confidence to visit new places.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a GPS for your business? If you feel like your business is directionless and without focus, there is a way to get back on track and know exactly what steps you need to take next. 

What you need to do is:
  •  Organize
  •  Plan
  •  Set your course
  •  Take Action
Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do any of those things right now. We can help you. Six Weeks to Success LIVE is all about showing you the tactics and strategies you need right now to change your business forever. Once you take this action-focused training course you will see your business in new ways. You will come out knowing exactly what you need to do next to transform your business into something that makes money and brings you joy.

It’s time to stop wandering around in circles with your business. Click below and get the directions you need to take your business to the next level. Don’t delay securing your place in this fast-paced program because the course is filling up fast.
Online coaching program includes:
  • Customized Training Program (6 Weekly Webinars): Will include the step-by-step model for your passion-based business success.
  • Weekly Progression Check-Ins: Every week, you will check in at the end of our Webinar. We will make adjustments to your business strategy whenever needed.
  • Access to Private Facebook Group for 1-on-1 support: Any time you have a question just post it in the group and we will usually reply within 24 hours and never later than 72 hours.
  • Business and Strategy Updates: We will send over new information and tip & tricks to you so you can keep making optimal progress.
  • And So Much More...
Who Six Weeks to Success 
is for...
Small business owners who need to eliminate conflicting priorities and speed up the decision-making process .
Entrepreneurs who need to stop running their business haphazardly & start taking intentional action.
Small business owners who are ready to take charge of business and make money.
  • How much does this cost?
  •  $1,197/one time payment
  • When does the training start? 
  • The training starts on Thursday January 4th, and the dates are Thursdays January 4 ,11, 18, 25, Feb 1, & 8.
  •  What time is the training?
  • 3:30 - 4:30PM EST
  •  What if I can't attend every training Live? 
  • Don't worry! You will get a replay of the training sessions every week, whether you attend live or not!
What Clients Are Saying About LuAnn and Nancy:
"Thank you LuAnn and Nancy for such a helpful, inspired training this week! I watched it twice so I could soak it all in. I've changed my "script" for on-boarding clients to reflect the DESIRE Sales Formula, and LOVE getting to the emotional reason for the sale, and asking "how does that sound?"  Sales have been going really well in the past few weeks! I feel like I have more momentum now that ever before."
-Alex, Interior Designer

"Thank you to both Nancy and LuAnn for this week’s session on blogging etc. I enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. SO much info it’s amazing the subtleties and stuff (can’t think of another word) one can do to expand on to grow and attract people."
-Marylou, Interior Designer
Here are just two of over 170 five-star reviews on iTunes about LuAnn…

And here are just two client reviews about Nancy…

"As a business coach, Nancy has kept me focused, motivated and on track. Nancy's tools and intuition are guiding me to grow my business into a top notch design firm. She has the know-how and get-up-and-go attitude that I need to keep me moving forward."
-Betsy, Interior Designer
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